tl;dr See the bullet points for the supported programs and the last paragraph for installation.

Something I always wanted is native touchpad/mousewheel scrolling in all my terminal programs.

MouseTerm hacks that into the OS X Terminal, but I am a iTerm2 user.

I tried and gave up researching this a while ago, but today I got a notification from a Google Code bug I starred linking to this. Someone actually patched support for this a while ago, and someone else now updated the patch for current git!

The patch worked like a charm. It basically send arrow keystrokes on mousewheel when the terminal is in alternate mode. The actual logic amounts to this, reworked by me:

    if ([[PreferencePanel sharedInstance] alternateMouseScroll] &&
        [_dataSource isAlternate]) {
        CGFloat deltaY = [event deltaY];
        NSData* keyMove;
        if (deltaY > 0) {
            keyMove = [terminal.output keyArrowUp:[event modifierFlags]];
        } else if (deltaY < 0) {
            keyMove = [terminal.output keyArrowDown:[event modifierFlags]];
        for (int i = 0; i < ceil(fabs(deltaY)); i++) {
            [_delegate writeTask:keyMove];

I tested and confirmed compatibility with:

  • less
  • vim
  • screen (after the C-a ESC escape - ESC to exit)
  • tmux (after the C-b [ escape - q to exit)
  • all of the above over ssh and mosh

In particular the point about mosh and screen makes me happy, since this allows me to use them together to get session resuming and native scrollback - fixing what annoyed me (and others) most of mosh.

I took the patch, wrapped it in a hidden (not exposed) setting, and submitted as a Pull Request. iTerm2 author was quick to suggest changes to the code and then to merge.

By the way, iTerm2 builds so pleasantly with a simple run of xcodebuild!

This means that it should be in the Nightly builds from tomorrow. To activate it just run

$ defaults write com.googlecode.iterm2 AlternateMouseScroll -bool true